From Zero To £4,156.31 Per Day In Only 48 Days!

“At Last! How I Finally Discovered The Ultimate Online Selling System…

…And Used It To Go From Scratch To £4,156.31 Per Day In Only 48 Days!”

The Breakthrough NEW Online Profit System That Will Change The Way You Look At Making Money Online Forever…


Dear Customer,

I had to keep rubbing my eyes.

I knew the new online selling system I’d developed was good.

But I didn’t realise just how good.

Here I was…only 48 days after starting…and I was already banking £4,156.31 PER DAY online – and that was starting from scratch.  

I rubbed my eyes in almost total disbelief.

The money was coming in so fast, I could barely keep up!

By the end of the day, £4,156.31 had piled up.

The day after - £3,454.

And the day after that £3,103 – all told in that week, I’d banked £24,545.22 – for a product that I’d only launched just a few weeks before.

I knew this new selling system was good.

I just didn’t realise HOW good!

Hi – Oliver Goehler here, with one of the most important updates I’ve ever sent you.

And let me start by make an EXTREMELY bold statement:

The online selling game has changed forever!

That’s right. It really has.

And today – in arguably the most important letter I’ve ever sent you - I want to tell you HOW it’s changed…and exactly how you can use this ‘change’ to change YOUR life forever.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you about how I’ve adapted to this ‘change’…with a new system I’ve been using that’s banking me up to £24,545.22 per week right now – and how YOU can tap into this revolutionary approach for yourself…

So let’s begin!

This story all starts back around three years ago now…

You see, it was around about this time that I begun to realise that the whole GAME of selling online, of marketing online, was under-going a seismic shift.

And at break-neck speed…

Amazon had arrived, and had become a force-to-be-reckoned-with.

So, too, had Facebook.

These were two massive entities that were barely on the map when I first started my online selling career.

And although sales were exploding on the Internet, there was a growing ‘underswell’ of dissatisfaction amongst many sellers.

More competition.

More price wars.

More ‘me-too’ products and sellers…flooding the markets.

And then there were the Chinese – under-cutting every man and his dog.

Whilst conveniently ‘forgetting’ to pay their VAT!

The online selling game was getting more difficult…but at the same time – the rewards for those who were successful were simply monstrous.

The stories of people raking in fortunes online in the last few years are legion.

Yet, so are the stories of many people falling by the wayside…watching, frustrated, as others plough forward.

And in my own online selling career, I, personally, had also noticed the difficulties…

It was getting more and more difficult to squeeze profits out of certain niches that had been VERY profitable previously. Competition was everywhere. And there was no sign of it slowing down…nor getting any easier.

It was then I realised the brutal truth:

I was going to need a radical NEW approach to really
forge ahead ONLINE in the years to come!


But how?

I spent endless days (and nights) deep in thought….

Contemplating. Deliberating. Pondering.

How to tackle what I saw as the ‘new’, uber-competitive, fast-changing online markets…

And in my mind, I begun to formulate an approach, a plan of attack, a system that would not only survive, but which would enable me to positively THRIVE in the new ‘uber-competitive’ online marketplaces in the years ahead of us.

I called upon every last shred of my career experiences…

And slowly, but surely, the fog began to clear. I didn't realise it at the time, but I was about to stumble upon what I believe is the ultimate approach to selling and profiting online…in today’s modern-day online markets…

  • An approach that has enabled me to sell £191,289.37 of just ONE product online…on near auto-pilot…
  • An approach that’s banked me up to £24,545.22 per WEEK…for a product and I only started to sell 48 days before (ultimately that single product – which was completely new to me - banked me over £50K in only 60 days)…
  • An approach that brings me in £2,000-£6,112+ per DAY at the current time…most of which is on auto-pilot…(and that figure is rising all the time!)
  • An approach that can see me ‘start from scratch’ and see sales in a new market, in a new niche in only a matter of HOURS…

I call it the Rocket Profits System, and if you’ll stick with me here today, I’ll tell you more about it – and how you to can use it to build your own online fortune…

May 2014…

How ‘Rocket Profits’ began to take shape…

Let me take you back to May 2014.

“Get me a fresh cup of coffee, will ya’”, I shouted to my personal assistant, as I checked the sales for the day.

And as I glanced through that particular day’s sales…something jumped out at me…

“Blimey”, I said to myself…

Is that ONE, single product responsible for 50% of our ENTIRE sales”…?

I looked deeper.

It was.

One product, out of about a dozen I was trying to sell, was absolutely ROCKETING. I was selling hundreds of pounds worth of this one product per day…every day…on autopilot.

But I couldn’t get my head around it.

Why was it selling so damn well?

I just couldn’t ‘figure out’ why THAT product worked so well, whereas others only did ‘so-so’.

And do you know what I did?

I forgot about it…and let the money roll in.

I just put it down to it being ‘one of those things’…

But then it happened again…

Some time later…

The same thing started to happen again – with a totally different product.

Out of nowhere…BOOM…another product explodes and started raking in money, hand over fist.


I had no idea.

You see, it wasn’t until some time later that I began to REALLY realise what was happening.

When I tried to sell products online…CERTAIN products would ROCKET to the moon, raining down money ONLY IF ‘certain’ criteria were in place.

In short, the huge money-making products all FIT specific ‘criteria’.

Get these criteria in place, and you could practically GUARANTEE that the product would explode and bring in piles of cash.

But if you missed the mark – and didn’t follow these criteria – your product would most likely FAIL.

I saw the same thing happen again…then again.

Nearly all my BIG ‘cash-making products’ shared a specific set of criteria!

And so ‘Rocket Profits’ was born…

Soon, I was furiously ‘connecting the dots’ and formulating what I call my Rocket Profits system.

It’s a system that’s so powerful, it can virtually GUARANTEE explosive profits if followed correctly.

It’s the same system that’s banking me up to £6,112 per day at the current time.

It works on eBay.

It works on Amazon.

It works on ANY online marketplace.

And I believe it is the FUTURE of online selling.

When I say this is the ‘Ultimate Online Selling System’…I mean it!

Rocket Profits is a complete SYSTEM for taking specific products, monopolising your market, and draining as much money out of that market as you can…as quickly as possible.

As mentioned before, one of my Rocket Projects has brought in £191,289.37 (from ONE product). Another went from scratch to £24,545.22 per WEEK.

NO customer mailing list. No previous experience. No special advantages.

Use ‘Rocket Profits’ yourself, and YOU can turn products into CASH MONEY…

Check here, for example – a nice PayPal balance, the vast majority of which has come from my own Rocket Profits projects (and this is just the balance as I’m writing this now…forget about other withdrawls that have been made before this).


Or how about this? Here’s a bank account that I use to draw money into. Again, the vast majority of the money in this account has come from my own Rocket Profits projects.

It’s NICE to have that kind of money ‘on hand’…and knowing that there’s more streaming in all the time. Want some more?

Launch a new ‘Rocket’ Project!

The 'Rocket Profits' system works on both eBay and Amazon. Here's some sales figures from both Amazon, for example...

Fact is, I've gotten so good at doing this...that late last year - Amazon even invited me to 'partner' with them. You can see the email below, coming directly from Amazon HQ.

LESS than 1% of sellers ever get to this level (and this 'level' is INVITATION-ONLY).

You can use 'Rocket Profits' with Amazon. You can use it with eBay. You can even use it with social media, if you want. It works across the board.

But let's get down to brass tracks...

Now…you know me as an online seller, as well as Publisher Extraordinaire.

And here's the thing: as a publisher, I simply could NOT ‘sit on’ this…and merely keep Rocket Profits to myself.

Why? Well, if I was just another 'online seller'...I'd likely NEVER share this system with anyone!

But you know me.

I double-up as a publisher as well as an online seller.

And so I couldn’t reasonably sit on THIS gold-mine…and never let my customers know about it!

You see, Rocket Profits is arguably the most powerful online selling system I’ve ever discovered.

So how could I NOT publish it?

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

I’ve put the finishing touches to what has been THREE years in development – Rocket Profits!

Rocket Profits is for serious online sellers who want to propel themselves into the big leagues, and bank thousands of pounds per day – right here in 2018 and beyond.

Rocket Profits is, I believe, the FUTURE of online selling!

Today, I want to hand you the entire system from A-Z. So you can do what I'm doing...and go from scratch to thousands of pounds per day online. And in record time.

So let me tell you more about what we've prepared for you now...

'Rocket Profits' is broken down into three modules...

In Module 1 of the Rocket Profits training, I’ll be revealing the complete Rocket Profits system in full step-by-step detail.

I’ll explain exactly why this is the ONLY ‘online system’ you should consider using in 2018 and beyond, and exactly what makes it so ridiculously powerful. I’ll give you practical examples of my own products (with everything revealed), and how and why they worked – and how you can model these yourself to create cash income.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in Module 1:


  • How to destroy your competition on eBay. This is HUGE…you’ve NEVER seen anyone ‘use’ the secret I’ll share on DVD 2 of the training. TOTALLY NEW. It’s one of the most powerful eBay secrets I’ve ever discovered, and I’ve never shared it with anyone, anywhere, before now. It’s the most devastating tactic I've ever 'invented' for eBay. I ‘found’ this by translating a technique used in direct-mail into the online space. AMAZINGLY powerful. Your competition will be scratching their heads, as you take over the entire market and scoop out huge amounts of cash!


  • The 80-20 Rule, and why it’s the SECRET KEY to making amazing profits online in 2018. This ‘RULE’ should be the foundation for anyone looking to make serious money online in 2018 and beyond. I’ll tell you exactly why you MUST apply this to make shocking profits using my system!


  • “The SECRET to making huge profits online now…isn’t in the MARKETING…it is no longer about having a great marketing brain…it isn’t in the sales copy, or the images you use…” – instead it’s THIS. DVD 1 – 11 minutes in.


  • How to use Facebook to generate a legion of ‘fans’ for your products, allowing you to generate vast numbers of reviews for your products – totally ethically (this will enable to trounce your competition!). I doubt you’ll have heard about the way I’m doing this. I’ll even show you with a LIVE video…to show you how effective this is (for a REAL-LIFE Rocket Project!).


  • The ONLY categories to concentrate with my ‘Rocket Profits’ approach! Some categories work a LOT better with my approach than others. I’ll give you the shortcut on where to start and concentrate. BIG time-saver, ensuring you get off to a fast start!


  • How to completely monopolise your market! Once you use the methods I’ll share – and I’ll give you personal examples of this from my own files – you’ll realise how to dominate any market you choose. The result: YOU take all the income out of that market, leaving your competitors with the SCRAPS!


  • How our increasingly celebrity obsessed culture plays PERFECTLY into the Rocket Profits System – you might not like it, but using Rocket Profits and you’ll be able to cash in on it – big time!


  • Carl Jung's 'Collective Unconcscious' - and how this philisophical principle is arguably the KEY to the 'Rocket Profits' systems (prepare to be shocked - you will NEVER hear anything like this from anywhere else!)
  • How this little-known principle of economics now determines your success (or failure) online. Tap into it, and you’ll be able to create wealth. Ignore it, and you’ll likely fail miserably!


Throughout these 6 DVDs, you’ll ‘get’ everything. I’ll show you exactly how you’re going to scoop income out of the online marketplaces using this new approach, Rocket Profits. You’ll have no doubts, as I lead you by the hand, revealing all the steps to copy, to be able to do this for yourself. You'll understand exactly why and how it works, how it's logical yet supremely powerful and simple. You'll realise that YOU too can use this system to create your own life-changing online business!

But there’s a lot more I’ve prepared for you…

See, although I reveal everything on these first 6 DVDS, I thought it would be inspiring, motivational and also a great ‘learning experience’ if I actually SHOWED you the system in action!

And that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing in Module 2…

In this next module, I hand you FOUR of my actual, real-life Rocket Profits projects – and show you EXACTLY what the products are, and how much money they pulled in!

These are not only instructional, but also incredibly motivational.

I walk you through each, revealing everything, so you’ll have no doubts that YOU can do what I’m doing too.

Once you watch these ‘real-life projects’…you’ll be raring to go. I guarantee it!

The first real-life project is the original ‘Rocket Profits’ project that ‘woke me up’ to the potential of the Rocket Profits approach.

I walk through EVERY last detail of this….what the product is and was…and how it’s still selling today. The exact niche, suppliers – everything!

I’ll take you on the ‘inside’ of one of my selling accounts…and show you how I’ve banked OVER £191K from this ONE product. (You’ll see right inside my selling accounts, with full UNABASHED access!)

I’ll also show you exactly how and why this simple project still brings me in hundreds of pounds per day, even today. (Whilst I do literally NOTHING to pull that in).

This project has been running on autopilot for the last 2-3 years…hauling in money every day – regardless of whether I was snoozing, playing pool, or lying on a beach somewhere.

And as I say – you’ll get everything. You’ll start to understand and comprehend the power of the Rocket Profits approach, and why it brings in big money online.

Second real-life project…

The second real-life project is in a completely different niche.

For this project, I quickly went from ZERO orders – it was a brand-new market – to OVER 100 orders per day.

Best part: it was all done in less than 60 days. How would you like to build a £500-£1,000 per day business using the Rocket Profits approach, in less than 60 days? It CAN be done. And you’ll see the ‘proof’ throughout this next DVD, where I go through all the details of this project…as it happened!

Once again, you’ll see exactly what the product is, where it was sourced and how I sold it…


You’ll see it go from nothing to over 100 orders PER DAY in less than 60 days – with the shipping and handling happening ‘on auto-pilot’ for me.

Your mind will come alive with possibilities, as you realise the power of my Rocket Profits approach for yourself!

You’ll be itching to copy me and get started for yourself!

In the third real-life project, I reveal yet another Rocket Project from a little while back. This one was a smaller project – going from zero to around £300 per day in sales in around 90 days.

Why did it work?

How did it work?

What was the product and WHY did I choose this product specifically?

Everything will be revealed!

You’ll see how this product was something that you could fit in your pocket, and that it was easily shipped and handled. I’ll even show you someone who did something similar – and sold 500,000 units of their product. I estimate they made around £3 on each one that they sold (you can work that out for yourself!)

Once again, you’ll understand the power of this approach and  just why it works.

And you will be motivated and inspired to go out and doing something similar for yourself – starting right away!

And the final real-life project…the big one!

The final real-life project is ‘the big one’.

This was when I really knew what I was doing – I had the Rocket Profits system fully coded. The safe had been well and truly opened. I knew exactly what to do – and how.

The results were astonishing.

A BRAND-new product idea…in a niche I knew nothing about.

I filmed this in November just gone.

I was literally starting from scratch, using only the Rocket Profits blueprint and system as my road-map..

Went from zero…to £1,000 per day in 21 days…then exploded to over £4,100 per day at its peak.

My best week, I banked £24,545.22 from this project – and that’s just ONE Rocket product! (you’ll see the ‘live’ figures for yourself!).

Yes, for ONE product in ONE niche…all online (you can see the sales figures below - 24,545.22 of these total sales were from ONE 'Rocket Product'!).

You’ll see the whole thing – filmed over the course of 90 days!(Yes we filmed the whole thing - LIVE!)

You’ll see me FIND the product…SOURCE the product…and then LIST if for sale. You’ll see sales EXPLODE…with £50K banked in only 60 days!

That’s the power of the Rocket Profits approach!

Even I was shocked and surprised by just how well it worked.

And let me emphasise something here:

  • When I launched and sold this product…there was no ‘customer list’! Sometimes you’ll see a ‘guru’ make money and he’ll tell you how great his system is. What they don’t tell you is they use a massive mailing list (built up over years) to pull in the money. Well, in this case, there was NO mailing list AT ALL. I started from absolute scratch in this niche. I had no special advantages AT ALL. What I did…was done from absolute scratch.

What’s more…

  • I had NO experience of selling into this niche! It wasn’t like I’d sold this kind of product before, or had some unusual contacts. This was A BRAND-NEW NICHE I knew NOTHING about! You’ll see that for yourself. You may even laugh when you see exactly what this niche product was (and you’ll have no doubts I didn’t know anything about it!)

What’s more….

  • I did NOT plough £100K of capital into it to get it going! I needed a bit of money to get this project going – as you do with any business. But I only needed around £1,500 to get this really motoring. I then simply kept ploughing the money back in.

What’s more…

  • I did NOT use a ‘special contact’ or something similar! I didn’t have a rich uncle, special ‘joint-venture’ partner, or anything like that. Once again, what I did was totally from scratch, and was all done off my own back.

What I did…absolutely anyone with enough drive and determination could have done.

Of course, not EVERY project is going to get to this level this quickly.

And I’m NOT promising you’ll get to £4K per day like I’ve done, in only 48 days.

But it does show the power of Rocket Profits when it all comes together!

And you’ll see it all LIVE!

Yes, I actually recorded the whole thing…which is incredible to watch.

I mean…how many times would you ever see anyone dare try this? Not only let you watch…but give you everything?

One thing is for sure…

These four real-life projects are going to motivate the hell out of you!

As you watch these real-life Rocket Projects, you’ll realise for yourself just how powerful the Rocket Profits system really is.

You’ll know that it’s not only the best system I’ve ever devised for selling online, but you’ll realise that this is literally THE ‘way’ to sell online now, in 2018, and going forward into the future.

Done right, you’ll realise there is virtually no competition and that using it, you’ll be able to monopolise your market, extracting a powerful cash income stream with stunning regularity and consistency.

You will know you’ve found THE ‘online system’ to end all ‘systems’.


But there’s still more…

You’ll also get a further module – on 4 discs – outlining my own, personal ‘ready-to-go’ Rocket Profits projects. These projects are products which are sat on my desk now, but which I’ve not yet got around to launching personally.

In short, these Rocket projects are my personal recommendations for what Rocket Profits projects you should launch RIGHT NOW.

And I’m going to give you everything here…

…the product in question, how to sell it and the best suppliers to use. You’ll be able to get off to a super-fast start, with more than 20 ready-made projects on these discs!


Just pick them up, plug them in, and start using them yourself. No need for you to research anything. Just use these 'Ready-Made' projects and get off to a super-fast start!

Launch your own Rocket Profits Project within a few days.

For example…

On one of these Projects, I’ll look at a product which is similar to one I’ve sold £191K+ of…but it’s BRAND-NEW…hardly anyone has picked up on this – yet! You can be the first.

If this is anything like my £191K project, you should be looking at banking six-figures from this one product alone, possibly in the next 12-24 months!

How do I know?

Because I’ve done something similar before – and this new Rocket is similar to what I’ve seen before. It just needs someone to come in and do it for themselves.

Could this be another £1K a day profit maker? Quite possibly. I’ve done this before and I know what I’m talking about.

It’s happening all over again…but with this product instead.

I’ll explain everything for you…and I’m going to hand you all the details – and how you can get started RIGHT NOW with it!

Or how about this one?

This product is VERY similar to my £4K/day project – and once again, you can get in early on this profit train! I’ve already seen one seller bringing in (I estimate) around £1,500 per DAY with this little-known ‘Rocket’.

You could be next.

You can source this product from the UK, and be up and running and testing this out in just a couple of weeks from now. What if you got this one project up and running and bringing in £1,500 per day? How many days would you want to do THAT for?

I know from personal experience….that this is absolutely possible.

FULL details given again…what it is, why it’s working, where to source and what suppliers to use, so you can copy this for yourself!

Or this one?

One of my own personal suppliers REVEALED!

There’s someone already nibbling at this one, but they are NOT doing a great job. I’ll tell you the supplier I use, and why I’m NOT going to pursue this particular Rocket Project (it’s more of a time-thing rather than anything else).

Instead…I’m handing it to you. Currently, I estimate around £1K/day in sales. Again I know from personal experience that this is totally achievable. And once again…you can source this product from the UK, from my supplier in the North of England.

You could try, test and launch this within the next 2-3 weeks. Full details given!

Or this one?

In this next example, I’ll tell you about one of my FAVOURITE types of products to sell…which virtually guarantees minimal competition. It’s hard for anyone to copy you, and that means products like this bring in regular and consistent money.

I estimate £200/day for this item…and this is really simple.

Anyone who is serious about selling online can do this. I’ll reveal everything – where to source the product, why and how it works, and how YOU could it too…starting in just 7 days.

And that’s just a sample!

You get 4 DVDS chock-full of over 20 ready-made Rockets…ready for you to plug in and profit from!

I've done all the hard work for you here...just pick them up and start using them to launch you OWN Rocket Product...starting 'ASAP!'

You’ll get all my best product ideas to use with my Rocket Profits approach. And there’s something for everyone here. You can pick a small, ‘starter’ project that brings in £100/day, right up to the whoppers that are capable of hauling in thousands of pounds per day.

Again…this is based on knowledge and personal experience and isn’t hear-say. I know this is possible and you’ll know how when you work through this part of the course.

Pick your product…and you’re off!

Just to re-iterate here:

You’re getting your main Rocket Profits system module on 6 DVDS…then you’re getting my Real-Life Rocket Projects DVDs, on 4 discs…AND you’re also getting 4 discs chock-full of ‘Ready-Made’ Rocket Projects that YOU can copy (from my personal files).

But – there is STILL MORE…

I wanted to give you a ‘tool’ that you can use both now and going forward into the future, so you will NEVER be short of ideas for what to sell.

In short, a ‘tool’ that will hand you (on a plate) the very best Rocket Profits PROJECT IDEAS for time ever more.

That’s why I’ve created the Rocket Profits Software.

The RocketProfits software is awesome.


Because it hands you all the best ‘Rocket Profit’ ideas on a plate.

There is NO need for you to think!

This software highlights the BEST ‘Rocket’ products to concentrate on, so you’ll NEVER be short of ideas of what to sell and will always be ‘ready’ to pounce on your next Rocket Profits money-maker.

The Rocket Profits software is an amazing piece of ‘kit’ that mimics ‘me’ and my thought processes, something that previously has been virtually impossible to do.

This software is really the end result of working for the last few years on testing and trialing HUNDREDS of products online. We refined down the criteria that work best…the true ‘Rocket Products’ that can produce lots of juicy profit…and quickly.

This is the same software that will highlight products that I’ve used to bank over £6,100 per day on a good DAY (one of my best days so far, using this system)…and the best part is, the software does it all for you.

Any category…just press a button…and it will tell you where to concentrate your efforts – exactly what to sell.

How awesome is that?

The Rocket Profits software will ensure you are NEVER short of ideas of what to sell!

Imagine…NO need to even think…simply press a button – and you’re handed this week’s BEST Rocket Products!

And we update the software each month…with all the latest Rocket Profit Projects…so they are all ready for you to tap into.

You’ll never be short of ideas – you’ll always know what to sell. You’ll always know exactly what to profit from to start bringing in big money quickly. Just fire up the software, press a button – and get ready to profit! Now, and into the future…

Look at everything you get

You get your 6 DVD Set – revealing the full Rocket Profits system in step-by-step detail…with everything revealed, no secret left un-covered. You get your 4-DVD ‘Real-Life Rocket Profits Projects’showing you exactly how I do this, which will motivate, inspire you, and get you ready to do the same.

You also get your 4-DVD Set ‘Ready-Made Rocket Projects’ – projects from my personal files which I’ve NOT actioned yet, which you can plug in and profit from for yourself. And you even get your Rocket Profits software ‘tool’ – so you’ll never be short of ideas.

It’s a fantastic package, and I truly believe it is THE best online selling system out there today (by me or anyone else).

But Rocket Profits is NOT for everyone!

And that’s not hyperbole.

This really isn’t for everyone.

You know…if you want to do a bit of drop-shipping and make £100 in your dressing gown whilst sat watching daytime TV…and you’re happy with that…

…this isn’t for you.

If you want to dip your toe into selling online…and aren’t bothered about hitting the big numbers…dare I say it, but again…

This isn’t for you.

No – this is only for the REALLY SERIOUS.

It’s for the person who wants to ratchet up obscene numbers online quickly – and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty to do that.

You’re not scared of working hard…if it means you’ll hit the big leagues.

And that doesn’t describe everyone reading this now. I know that.

In fact, I know only 1% of my customers are ‘right’ for this.

Whether that describes you or not…only YOU know for sure.

But if you really want the FUTURE of online selling…if you really want to hit the big numbers, and above all IF YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT DOING THIS – then I’d urge you to investigate Rocket Profits for yourself.

I’m deadly serious when I say this is the ‘best online selling system’ ever!

But what about guarantees?

I’ve been selling information products for over 10 years – and I’ve nearly always attached no-questions-asked guarantees – mostly 60-days – to everything we sell. I’ve published over 130 products in different markets online, and nearly every single one has had a 30 or 60-day (or longer) guarantee attached.

But not this time.

There is NO ‘money-back’ guarantee with this package.

None at all.

Yes…you heard correctly.

Why not?

I thought long and hard about this. But on balance, here are the TWO reasons why there’s no guarantee offered with Rocket Profits:

Firstly: anyone who gets access to Rocket Profits will see two of the usernames I use to sell online. As I’ve hinted at throughout this letter- I’m revealing EVERYTHING here. With my real-life projects, for example, you literally see EVERYHING (including inside my personal selling accounts).

Bluntly speaking, this is a big deal. That’s very personal and private data that I’ve never revealed before, and likely never will again.

As such, I don’t want legions of people buying this to ‘check me out’ before swiftly returning everything for a refund (whilst potentially copying my listings/products).

The first reason why there’s NO guarantee is simply because it’s a protection-mechanism for my own Rocket Profits projects – now, and going forward into the future.

And secondly:

And just as importantly – there’s NO guarantee because I only want the really serious ‘A-Team Players’ to invest in this.

As I’ve hinted at above – this is only for the REALLY SERIOUS.

I know Rocket Profits isn’t for everyone. And so I DELIBERATELY WANT to scare away the people who I believe won’t be a good fit for this.

The people who clamour for a guarantee…and cry their eyes out when there isn’t one…are NOT the kind of people I want to attract here.

Simply put, if you really ‘need’ a guarantee…this isn’t for you.

No…the kind of online sellers who I want to attract here…the really serious…I know for a fact…aren’t bothered whether I give a guarantee - or not.

What I’m writing about here today is for the SERIOUS A-Team player who wants to reach for the stars online – and quickly.

And that kind of person, I know, won’t be bothered about a guarantee or not.

Let’s face it: chances are you’ve followed me for a while. You know I’m real. You know I can deliver.

That stated…there is no guarantee with this package.

So what’s the price?

Well, let’s look at everything you get here today with Rocket Profits…

  • Your full 6-DVD set of the full Rocket Profits training system – all professionally recorded and edited in high-definition, also comes with accompanying WORKBOOK. (Module 1) - £995 value

  • Your Real-Life Project Module – on 4 DVDs. This Module contains the Project £191K – giving you the full details of my first Rocket Profits project that scooped up £191K on near auto-pilot. It also contains Real-Life Project 2 – revealing how I went from Zero to 100 Orders Per Day In Less Than 60 Days – a full real-life ‘as it happened’ example of me using the Rocket Profits system. It also contains Real-Life Project 3 – From zero to £300/day (a smaller Rocket Profits project). And finally: Real-Life Project 4- From zero to £4K Per Day…in 48 Days (this is the most incredible real-life project you’ll EVER see). Also comes with accompanying WORKBOOK. In total this module is another £995 Value.

  • Your Ready-Made Rocket Profits Projects – 4 discs full of 20+ projects from my personal files. You can pick these up and start profiting, without even doing a lick of research for yourself (also comes with accompanying WORKBOOK). – another £995 value.

  • Your full Rocket Profits software access – which hands you the IDEAL ‘rocket profits’ projects on a silver platter…so you don’t need to even think about what to sell! You get full, unrestricted, lifetime access - £995 value

It's a staggering set of 15 DVDs, THREE workbooks, PLUS your software access. You'll also get the full downloads of the you can watch everything on your favourite iPad, tablet or even your phone.

The total value of this package is £3,980…

But I’m not going to charge you anything like that.

In fact, as a valued customer of mine, I’m not even going to charge you half that.

Nope…not even a third.

Your price isn’t £3,980…

It isn’t even £1,980…

Nor £980…

Your price is just £695 (and that includes VAT) for the complete Rocket Profits system. And it gets better…

Because you can pay just HALF of that now…just £347.50 to get started right now, today.

That’s right – pay just 50% now (347.50), and the remainder of 347.50 in 35 days (five weeks) time (total to pay, 695).

If you’re really serious about selling online, I don’t see this as an expensive ‘fee’. Far from it. Heck, a friend of mine got some routine ‘work’ done with a solicitor recently. The cost was almost £750 – for what amounted to about a day’s ‘real work’.

Heck, my book-keeper charges me more than this for some simple record-keeping. A decent dentist will charge more than this for an afternoon’s work at a private practice.

Point is…ANY ‘professional’ will charge you a reasonable amount of money these days.

Par for the course.

And if you were to go to a ‘business seminar’ this year? You’ll often end up four-figures deep into your wallet…and beyond.

Or how about a franchise?

Yours for £50K…or more!

That stated, this is – relatively speaking – far from ‘expensive’.

And considering the enormous impact it can have on someone’s online business, and life, the potential upside is enormous. You could reasonably make this money back in quick time IF you do as I’ll show you and put some elbow grease into it!

Rocket Profits is the result of three years of hard work on my behalf.

It is quite literally the result of endless refinements, testing, observations and ‘doing’ over the last few years…to bring the Rocket Profits system to its current, highly-tuned and most evolved and yet most useable-and-practical-level.

So I consider this a VERY fair fee considering the value of the information and the nature of what I’m sharing here.

And another thing…

You’ll also notice I’m NOT putting ‘brag’ pictures into this letter. There are no pictures of me on holiday in exotic locations around the World. There are no pictures of big cars…no women in bikinis…no Pina Coladas.

And that’s absolutely deliberate...


Again, I want to appeal to the right kind of person with this offer today. As I’ve stressed throughout, this isn’t for everyone.

So if you’re ‘turned on’ by yet another letter chock full of some guy drinking mojitos on a beach, telling you that you can bank £100K a month whilst sipping creamy milkshakes, then Rocket Profits isn’t for you.

And if you are the kind of person who gets excited by some guru sat in front of a big car, telling you that you can have one too, if you can only spare 15-minutes of an evening…this isn’t for you.

Once again this is only for the SERIOUS!

Sorry, but I’ve just about had it with some of the crap I see being pushed out there today. And I’m guessing YOU probably have too.

In stark contrast, I know you’ll look back on your investment in this package as a seminal moment in your online selling career.

Because once you see how simple and logical, yet profoundly powerful, the Rocket Profits approach is, you’ll never want or need another ‘system’ again.

This will be ‘all she wrote’…

When you begin to use the Rocket Profits approach for yourself, you’ll quickly realise and appreciate that this is the ONLY way to sell online in 2018 and beyond…

Once the full system is explained – and you watch my real-life examples of the system in action - you’ll realise the sheer brilliance of it all.

Rocket Profits is so simple and so logical, yet, at the same time, it’s so profoundly powerful.

And after you’ve experienced the training for yourself, you’ll know – and know EXACTLY WHY – this is the most explosively profitable way to approach today’s online marketplaces.

It simply has to be that way!

You’ll see how all the dots connect together, creating an online selling system that’s so powerful, that it’s simply unstoppable when used in the way I’ll show you.

You’ll know just why it works so well – why it HAS to work, why the online marketplaces are simply defenceless against anyone who picks up and actually uses the Rocket Profits approach for themselves.

And once you’ve got the core principles down, you’ll be able to launch and profit from your own Rocket Profits projects almost at will.

You’ll be able to scoop out income from the online marketplaces, with stunning regularity, whilst your competition is left baffled…and on the side-lines.

And the great news is: I’ve done all the hard work for you.

I’ve literally spent YEARS figuring all this out, so it ‘fits’ for the future of online selling.

This is THE future of how to sell online, how to scoop big income from the online marketplaces.

Just USE Rocket Profits and I know you’ll be able to make a great success of your online business. Of this, I have no doubt.

Alright, so let’s round this up!

Rocket Profits is, I believe, the ultimate way to sell online…and it’s THE future of online selling…

It is really the ultimate system for going from scratch…to £4K+ per day online.

I’ve tested it, refined it, perfected it…and now, today, you can use it to change your own life.

Now, it’s over to you.

You can ignore this, and carry on as you are. But I guarantee you’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t tap into the Rocket Profits approach for yourself.

In a little while from now, it could be YOU who is bringing in £200, £400, £1,000 or even £4,156+ per day like I do. And this isn’t fantasy. It’s real. You’ll see the proof for yourself. It’s all on DVD.

You’ll have no doubts that this is not only possible, but that YOU could do it too.

Rocket Profits is all here, ready for you to pick up and use for yourself.

I doubt I’ll ever top this.

Go for it. Order today. Invest in 'Rocket Profits' for yourself, and change your own life forever.

And thanks for reading!

Best Regards,

Oliver Goehler


Information Mavericks Ltd.



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